Friday, May 29, 2009

Projects to Watch: The Greening of Chicago

Perhaps President Obama's association with the city has something to do with it -- suddenly the mention of "green" projects also brings up Chicago. The April 2009 PM Network magazine has a full page "side bar" highlighting the city accomplishments, including:

- tax breaks and grants for the greening of building roof tops
- The Chicago Climate Action Plan proposal to reduce greenhouse gases to 25% below 1990 levels
- Millenium Park, possibly the world's largest green roof
- additional green construction projects
- redevelopment of a former steel plant site into a park

Perhaps coincidentally, the May 2009 issue of National Geographic Magazine also includes an article entitled "Up on the Roof" and the first featured photo is the green roof top of Chicago's City Hall and Chicago is declared North America's leading green roof city.

With increasing evidence of global warning and other environmental concerns, the green projects of Chicago are worth both watching and reproducing.

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