Saturday, August 2, 2008

Projects to Watch: Punta Colonet

The story didn't seem to get a lot of press or discussion, but a couple of people tipped me off and a search turned up an article from July 25th in SignOnSanDiego. Mexico's federal government is planning a massive port project approximately 150 miles south of San Diego (this is south of Ensenada). The government is expected to publish bid specifications by the end of September for a container port and rail project designed to route Asian cargo through Mexico to the US.

Colonet is a small coastal community. When the project is completed, the port could rival Long Beach and Los Angeles, both of which are growing overburdened from congestion created by increased Pacific trade.

Several groups have expressed an interest in the project which would include a $4.5B private investment. Any number of "spin off" projects might be needed, including road improvements, a desalination plant for water, an improved border crossing, and rail line improvements.

At this point, little else is known about the project and the improved border crossing site has not been identified. The Baja California government is working on guidelines for urban development, where the population could grow to 200,000. This is a project to watch to see how plans unfold once the bid information is released later this year.

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