Friday, December 14, 2007

PMP Challenge Question - 12/15

Hey, its time again for the bi-monthly challenge question. But first, let's look at the answer to the last question (12/1) -- what are two major objectives of negotiation?

One is fairly obvious. You want to achieve a fair and reasonable result or outcome. The second often surprises people: you want to develop and maintain a good relationship with the other party. Achieving a win-win result is important since it will be incentive for the other party in the negotiation to uphold their agreement. They will focus more on the agreed outcome and less on attempts at recovering what they believe they lost.

Now let's move to a question on communications. Can you name at least 10 different types of information a Project Management must communicate?

Check back here for the answer on 1/1 (Happy New Year!). Watch for the next PMP Exam Prep giveaway challenge, coming February 1, 2008.

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