Saturday, February 17, 2007

Get Motivated!

This week I had the pleasure of taking my team to Peter Lowe's Get Motivated! seminar. It was a great opportunity for low cost, high value professional development. A cross between an Amway meeting, a Bible revival, an infomercial, and a seminar, the day was packed with usable information on success, leadership, tools to manage your personal finances, and sales closing. The knowledge and wisdom in these areas came from Krish Dhanam, Zig Ziglar (now 80 years old!), Steve Forbes, Phil Town, Marty Schottenheimer, Tom Hopkins, LaDainian Tomlinson (better known as LT to San Diego Chargers fans), and presidential candidate and former 2001 Time Man of the Year, Rudy Giuliani.

Even those with additional seminars to sell, like Tom Hopkins, had great things to say. Tom encouraged the audience to treat failure as a learning experience and change their attitude to the word "no". Does this sound in line with the theme of this blog? His "Champion Creed" is "I am not judged by the number of times I fail, but by the number of times I succeed."

Rudy Giuliani had these seven things for leaders to work on:

1. Have strong beliefs
2. Be an optimist
3. Have courage
4. Relentless preparation (if you anticipate everything you can, you can plan the unanticipated!)
5. Teamwork
6. Communication
7. Love people

There was plenty here for project managers, leaders, sales people, and anyone who wanted to hear more on these topics. It was well worth the cost. Be sure to check them out if they visit your city.

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